The Ridge(Shimla)

Himachal Pradesh

The Ridge is an open space located in the middle of Shimla. At one of its end of The Ridge there is the famous Mall road of Shimla on the 2nd end there is Lakkar Bazaar of Shimla and on the 3rd end, there is sandal point. There is an underground water tank under the Mall road from which water is supplied to the Shimla town. Mall road is a hub of Cultural activities and mostly all the state-level function and nation level functions held on the Mall road. On the top of the hill, there is Jakhu temple. From Mall road, you can reach the timber trail in ten minutes from where you can reach Jakhu temple within 10 minutes. By walking it will take 30 minutes to one hour. The MC Shimla office, state library, and town hall is also located at the Mall. Mostly it remains full during all the seasons and through the day but its night view is very heart touching.

Christ Church Shimla

There are several points of attractions on the Ridge. The Ridge has three exit points, on the first, there is The Lakkar Bazaar and on the second exit there is the Church & on the last end, there is Scandal Point.

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