Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park

ashwani khad

Mohan Shakti national heritage park

Mohan Shakti national heritage park is one of the most beautiful & biggest heritage park of north India. This park is located on the bank of Ashwani Khad. You can reach here in 30 minutes from solan by car. This park is developed under the supervision of Mr. Kapil Mohan (Ex Brigadier general of the endian Army) and inaugurated by Mr. Atal Bihar Vajpayee(PM of that time).

This park is developed with a budget of more than 100 crores. The Mohal Shakti park contains statues of Mahabharata and other accident God and Goddess of Hindu Vedas. You can visit here throughout the year but summer is the best time when you can visit this place. You can also enjoy the meal on the bank of Ashwani khad.

You can capture create memories for your life. This is the park that one should visit in life once. There are Statues of Indian God and Goddess. Also, there are statues of animals and birds. This park is full of greenery. You can sit here peacefully and meditate. The complete park is piece full and you can spend your day while viewing the entire valley.

Agriculture Land and beautiful scenery

Potato fields across Ashwani khad

Mohan Shakti national heritage park is located on the bank of Ashwani Khadd which is also popular for potato farming. You can see the potato fields across the river.

This park was developed for the peoples who want to meditate and want to learn about the ancient culture of India. There is a number of statues prepared with stones and POP. Great artistic work is done on the statues by their creators.

You can also visit some nearby places of the park such as Shali ka Tibba and Chial. These places are located on the top of mountains where you can feel the fresh air flowing through the hills. Even in summer, the temperature of this place remains 25 degrees.

The Mohan Shakti national heritage park provide the completes facilities to the visitors such as good parking facility, food point, coffee, clean and well-maintained park. You can plan your visit here with your family.

How to reach

You can reach here with car or bus. You can take a local bus from Solan Busutand. It will take  just 30 minutes to reach  from Solan.

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