Himalayan Drives is a Shimla based travel management company whose head office is located at Queen of Hills Shimla. We are a leading travel management company since 2017 of Shimla. We provide several services to our clients such as Hotel Booking, Cab hiring, on sight parties, Honeymoon packages, family tour packages. With our broad network, we provide you the best deal among all.

We have a local network of travel agents, Hotels, Cabs that’s why we offer you a very good deal at a low cost.

What we offer 

We are a professional travel Management Company that offers you customized and readymade tour packages. Our company is customer-centric and money earning is not our motive. We can provide you deals all our India but the main deals that we offer the Himachal, Utrakhand, J & K based because our company is located in north India and here we have a local network.


Our main objective is to be in the list of top 10 travel companies of India. We always try to provide the best services to our clients and always keep in touch with you during your journey. We always take feedback from our clients and always try to upgrade our working skills and services that we provide. We always want our customers left us with the best experience that they can have. Earning Money is not our prime motive. Our Clients are our prime assets. So we always try to keep our clients happy.

Why Us 

Client satisfaction is our prime motto. We always want your tour will become one of the best experiences of your life. Keeping our clients happy is our top priority.

Budget Packages

We have a local network of hotels and travel agents that’s why we offer you package in your budget. We understand that money is the most important factor that everyone keeps in mind while booking a tour package. So we always try to keep our costs low.

Service Quality

We always keep in touch with our clients during their trip. We always take their feedback so that we can improve their services.